The Taming of The MARQUIS DE SADE

A lost gem walked cautiously in the pen
A Bulldog greeted her and welcomed her in.
MA and Anais hugged w/ Web and Fan
And All shook the MARQUIS' hand.

The Long Black Cape furled in air
As he nodded there in his chair
His Eyes twinkled and laughed w/ good cheer
To hear of opal coming from Japan, was queer

Step into my parlor said DE SADE
As opal sat in the open carriage'd facade
Down one block to the cozy hall
W/ beer, and food for one and all

He patted a place for opal to sit
Yet she skirted far away from it
Eyes never wandered from beauty's form
The fire not needed w/ the storm

Bold and sprited Fantassia declared
His ass at this party would not be spared
Hands on hips, she ordered him to 'drop 'em'
As he unbuckled, unzipped and did as she commanded.

W/ a dark quill and fluid motion
She followed through w/ her notion
Then quick stinging slaps resounded
As Anais and Cinnaminn responded.

To make his ass complete
Their names would fill his other cheek
As the crowd roared w/ laughter
He asked who would help clean this Master?

Yet more would the MARQUIS Suffer
For Fantassia ran to tell of his torture
She hurriedly tapped on the keys,
Of the glorious taming of the MARQUIS.
Penned by: opal essence 

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