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  I would like to ask all my friends who come to my home to help my dear and close
  friend to find her BIRTH MOTHER.
  If you know her or her whereabouts you can leave a message in my guest book or e-mail me.
                          Thank you everyone for the help.
  I would like to share something very special about myself to everyone. I am
    adopted, and am really yearning to find my birth mother June Elizabeth
  Garland She was last known to be in Canada and she gave up a babygirl for
  adoption in 1975 to friends of hers Valma and Doug McDonald in Moncton
     New Brunswick PLEASE if you know of this woman or if you are June
   herself please email me I really need to find you. I have spent my whole life
  waiting to find you. I don't hate you. I understand why you couldn't be with
                  me...I just want to know you now *smile* 
                              Silent Tears
                         Another night in my bed
                         Alone with my thoughts
                             Always wondering
                           Does She lie in bed
                            Dreaming about me
                             Does she wonder?
                            So many questions
                               Silent tears
                           Searching endlessly
                            Do I look like her
                   Does she wonder what I look like
                        Did she forget about me?
                    Wondering if I'll ever find her
                     What would she say if  I did
                  Would she turn her back and leave?
                        Does she want to find me
                       Does she regret leaving me
                 Did she have another to replace me?
                  Someday I hope to have my answers
                       Soon I'll have a birthday
            Sadly hoping that I'll find you before then
                             Tina Guitard 1997